• Will start by taking one bath a day. If that is not enough, then will increase to two then three.
  • Added Epsom salt into my sitz bath on Wednesday. Didn’t notice that much of a difference, but will keep adding. (Don’t want that 3lb bag I bought at Walgreens to go wasted.)
  • Preparation H wipes came in quite handy. Going to use them after every bowel movement and before each sitz bath.
  • Thinking about filling my EPAM insulated water bottle with hot water and keeping it on standby during each sitz bath
  • Can’t shake the feeling that I’ve gone down this path before, but there’s no mention of sitz bath anywhere in my old blog posts



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Tim Kang

Tim Kang

Hi everybody. I like food, Broadway showtunes, Pokemon and LEGOs. Oh, and I also do a bit of programming occasionally.