Tim Kang
1 min readNov 26, 2023

The general recommended range of protein for a 140lb / 63.5kg male like myself is 0.75x on normal days and 1.0x on exercise days. That comes out to roughly 48g to 63g. My dietician recommended 60g to 75g in order to help me gain weight.

I’m going to set my goals to 60g per day, with 48g being the bare minimum. Sad to say, skipping meat really does help. That makes me wonder how difficult it would be to reach those daily goals without meat.

Proteins levels:

  • Egg = 6g
  • Mozzarella slice = 7g
  • Collagen powder = 18g
  • Greek yogurt = 15g
  • Cinnamon oatmeal = 10g
  • Cereal + cow (or soy) milk = 9g
  • Whey protein powder = 30g

After looking up the protein in many common foods, I was relieved. Even without the help of protein powder, I should be able to easily meet my goals. Now, calorie count is a whole ‘nother tale…



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