8:45 — Got out of bed after lazing around in bed

9:00 — Ate a huge breakfast including (but not limited to) a egg cheese avocado sandwich, 3 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, 16oz of kombucha, 10 tortilla chips + salsa, a banana, and 2 mandarins. Total calories consumed was over 1,000.

9:45 — Solved a few daily word puzzles. Brother commented on Quordle when he walked past my room.

10:15 — Joined my mom and pops for their morning coffee + cheesecake.

10:30 — Attended my Google team’s daily stand-up meeting

11:25 — Ate a small lunch consisting of a vegetarian baozi and some quail eggs

11:45 — Went for a short walk around the block in my Rainbow hemp sandals

12:00 — Plopped down on the couch. Watched the KPIX5 noontime segment while doing my physical therapy stretches.

12:23 — Turned off the news and took a short nap

1:05 — Got out of bed

1:30 — Had my weekly sync meeting with my EPAM engineers (out of the 7 reporting under me, only 1 attended)

2:15 — Got to a good stopping point for my Google frontend assignment

3:15 — Brother asked me a Java coding question. Couldn’t provide an answer, but the fix turned out to be simple. (He had swapped the blocks in his if-else statement.)

3:20 — Convinced my mom to go on a walk to H Mart

4:10 — Checked out our groceries at H Mart. Total cost spent was ~$69.

4:35 — Arrived back home from H Mart. Started playing random tunes on the piano while waiting for my dad to cut fruit for the family.

4:45 — Took a short break from piano in order to try out the new SLW yogurt drink my mom had bought. (The pacifier on top made it look like a baby’s bottle, catching her attention.)

5:12 — Started watching s05e05 of The Expanse (“Down and Out”) with my dad

6:00 — Ran for 19m29s on my elliptical while listening to the March 3rd episode of The Daily podcast (“Why Russia Hasn’t Defeated Ukraine”). Burned 176 calories.

6:23 — Took a shower

6:35 — Wrapped up things on the computadora

7:30 — Watched Wheel of Fortune

9:44 — Went to bed




Hi everybody. I like food, Broadway showtunes, Pokemon and LEGOs. Oh, and I also do a bit of programming occasionally.

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Tim Kang

Tim Kang

Hi everybody. I like food, Broadway showtunes, Pokemon and LEGOs. Oh, and I also do a bit of programming occasionally.

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