After seeing me scrummaging around our freshly washed laundry for underwear, my dad bought me a 4-pack of Spyder boxer-briefs that was on sale. (I explained how Hanes L’s were my only real option because Kirkland L’s were too tight and Champion XL’s were too loose; also explained how stomach bloating makes finding the right size very difficult.)

Anyway, I tried out the new Spyder L’s this week. They were a bit on the tight side, but were comfortable enough to wear all day. The successful fit of the Spyders gave me confidence to retry the Kirkland L’s. Perhaps due to my recently reduced weight (150lb => 140lb), I did not find them as tight as before. Tentatively, I’m allowing them back into my daily wear, but I’ll probably stick to the Hanes first.

On a clothing related note, Mom bought me a new pair of sweatpants (“Specialmagic Running Capri”) after seeing them discounted 66% off. These pants are meant for females, but I found the fit great. Unlike many of my other sweatpants, the length is just right; the cuffs around the ankles are also helpful.

PS: thanks to mommy and daddy for looking out for their big son!



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Tim Kang

Tim Kang


Hi everybody. I like food, Broadway showtunes, Pokemon and LEGOs. Oh, and I also do a bit of programming occasionally.