The Daily podcast of August 30th gives a good overview of Gavin Newsom’s time in office and his faults. To briefly summarize, the governor of California set the right laws regarding social distancing and face masks, but failed to follow them himself. What most people are mad about are the pictures of Newsom celebrating a lavish birthday party in November 2020. During that Napa Valley dinner, Newsom went maskless and mingled close with many of the guests.

Anyway, at first it looked like the California governor was going to be recalled for sure; both Democrats and Republicans looked down upon the man for breaking his own rules. However, as the September 14th election edges near, I realize that recall might not be the best choice.

While it’s despicable how Newsom is setting a bad example, sadly there are no good alternatives. Honestly speaking, many of the candidates available are downright ridiculous. When Caitlyn Jenner (yes, the one from the Kardashians) is not the most crazy thing on the ballot, you know you’re in trouble. Random examples of real crazy with one-line descriptions are Holly Baade and Angelyne.

The top Republican candidate at the moment is Larry Elder, who has been quoted saying, “I don’t believe the science suggests that young people should be vaccinated. I don’t believe the science suggests that young people should have to wear masks at school.”

I don’t know about you, but not having kids wear masks at school can cause giant problems; just look at what happened in Marin County on August 27th. In that incident, 26 people ended up getting infected with coronavirus. Faced with no better options, I have no choice but to recommend voting no on the Gavin Newsom recall.

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