Happy Labor Day!

Last Friday, I decided to take this entire week off work. This is a decision I’ve been fretting over since Wednesday, when my dad announced he was taking it off himself. Having spent only one day this year (my brother’s birthday, May the 4th), I have more than enough vacation hours to go around. Not to mention, my company has a use ‘em or lose ‘em policy, so I have to use up fifteen days soon.

However, a recent lack of work assignments and my lack of vacation plans made me hesitate to proceed. It’s embarrassing, but at the pace I finish things, more likely than not I would have plenty of free time even if I did not take any days off.

What changed my mind were my multiple medical appointments. On Tuesday, I have my first ever visit with a Stanford gastroenterologist; on Friday, I have a return visit with my Stanford neurologist. This is in addition to my weekly Peak physical therapist visit. Taking the whole week off would facilitate all these doctor’s visits and allow me to focus on my health without any distractions.

Now the question is, what will I do with all that extra time? None of my friends are taking the week off, so I’ll have to find things to do at home. When asked, my dad proposed finishing up the Rebuild of Evangelion movies as well as going hiking. That second suggestion was surprising, considering how reluctant he is to go on walks; I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Hi everybody. I like food, Broadway showtunes, Pokemon and LEGOs. Oh, and I also do a bit of programming occasionally.